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DP50A Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine

Technical Data:



Max laser power


Laser wavelength


Beam quality M2


Laser repeat frequency


Standard carve range


Optional carve range


Embossment depth


Carve speed


Min thread width


Min character






Gross Weight

Shipping Dimension(mm)

Laser Marker

The system can be used to marking, engraving and printing any information like picture, logo, text and so on. The mark has the advantages of sophistication, precision, and never worn. The depth of the mark can be controlled at will. It is convenient to mark the multilayer material. It can be used with no harm, no pollution and with high efficiency. It can meet the request of automatic production and satisfy the requirement of environmental protection.

The software can auto-forms the order-continuous number (bar code). It is convenient to mark the products that need exclusive identity, batch production or tracing.

Materials which can be processed through laser include metals, ceramics, glass, stones, plastics, composites, semi conductors, wood and coatings of paint, ink, oxides etc.

Automotive Industry
Laser marking in the automotive industry is the best way to achieve traceability in a flexible way. Not only are all critical parts marked with traceability codes but also back lit buttons are made with it.
Electrical & Electronics Industry
Ideal for fast marking of small and medium sized components. Electronics products, particularly epoxy encapsulates, hybrid circuits, Silicon wafers and injection molded switches/connectors/packages, have a long history of laser marking.
Medical Industry
High quality long lasting marks even on very small pieces (needles). Laser marks are bio compatible. Products marked with laser include implantables such as pace makers, artificial joints and heart valves Laser marks permanently without potential contamination of inks and Chemicals.
Defence and Aerospace Industry
Many aerospace components need permanent identification without impacting the material characteristics or surface finish .Only non-contact Laser marking can produce permanent images without compromising component integrity. Laser marking may also hold the solution to the growing problem of bogus replacement parts in the aerospace industry.
Promotional Laser Engraving
The advertising specialties industry has seen a major upsurge of decorative laser engraving in the 1990s - laser offers exceptional flexibility in engraved content: low volumes of parts and even one-off can be marked economically. The technology is used in labels, barcodes ,data-matrix etc such as Key chains, Pens luggage tags jewelry, golf equipment etc.

Benefits of Laser technology
* It gives a permanent mark and does not wear away with time and is forgery proof.
* It is highly accurate and repeatable.
* It has high-density
* Non-contact process (does not alter or damage materials)
* Well-defined images, even at small sizes.
* Laser causes either a thermal-chemical or photo-chemical reaction direct with the material; typically does not need pre- or post- processing.
* Environmentally friendly
* Indelible or scratch-resistant marks
* Can mark recessed areas easily i.e. can mark inside a cavity
* After marking, the product can be packaged for shipment
* Precise placement of images even on irregular or curved surfaces
* Ultimate in flexibility

If the vibrate glass scan system is used, the YAG laser will be of high speed, high precision and good stabilization.

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