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CB986Z5 Perfect Binding Machine
Perfect Binding Machine (book binder)
Technical data:
Model CB-986Z5
Max length 420mm(A3)
Max thickness 60mm
Binding speed 300-380books/hr
Melting glue time about 35 Minutes
Milling cutter round milling cutter+small milling cutter
Clamp Cover
Clamp book
Glue roller 3
Side glue roller
Mill folding pages 3 folding pages
Display LCD
Adjustment of clamp cover flat
Open flat

Constant pressure function

Book-keeping flat
Unwanted glue remove function
Smoke exhaust function
Speed adjustment
Cover spine pressing online
Power AC220V10% 50Hz Or 110V 60Hz 2900W
Net weigh 225kg

Changes compared with old 980 series,

Heavyduty frame
Fast clamp book core
Pinch function

Z series on-line creasing perfect binding machines pperfect binding machines perfect binder perfect binders perfect binding machines perfect binder perfect binders perfect binding machine

Automatic side glue patent technology

Three glue rollers

Automatically brushing side glue according to the thickness of books, no need of any adjustment or parameter settings.

Two glue rollers for brushing glue, one glue roller for grinding glue

On-line creasing patented technology

Non-glue head, non-glue tail patent

In accordance with professional binding (flip book line) requirements, without secondary operations, make binding more efficient and perfect.

Automatically removing the unwanted glue head and glue tail to reach the special requirement of non-cutting. There will be no glue leave on the table.

Book keeping flat patent

High-Power Vacuum (only available in 980 series)

No need of auxiliary desk to place book core, cover and finished products, convenient and practical.

Ensure that there is less wastepaper in the table and glue box, which has greatly enhanced the binding quality.

Open flat, taking book horizontally

Smoke exhaust design

Taking and putting cover and books more conveniently, achieve taking books horizontally, greatly enhance the working efficiency.

Adopting intelligent temperature control and smoke exhaust design, which make working condition more environmentally-friendly and protect physical and mental health.

Height of clamp-cover adjustable patent

Digital speed adjustment

Adapt to different cover thickness, control book back forming radius arbitrarily.

The speed can be adjusted according to workers proficiency


Intelligent controlled, LCD display

www.caibachina.com32-bit chips, powerful feature set and adopting the LCD screen display, intuitive, easy. Self-test and alarm feature allow you to fully understand the machine working operation; milling cutter, glue roller auto-sensing open, self-closing, intelligent and convenient.

Z series on-line creasing perfect binding machines pperfect binding machines perfect binder perfect binders perfect binding machines perfect binder perfect binders perfect binding machine
Main parameters






Binding length





Binding thickness





Binding speed

250-300 books/min

300380 books/min

300380 books/min

300380 books/min

Melting glue time

About 30 minutes

About 35 minutes

Milling cutter

Solar milling cutter+ small milling cutter

Clamping book


Clamping cover


Glue roller





Independent side glue

Milling folding pages

Three folding pages



Clamping cover adjustment

Open flat

Book-keeping flat

Unwanted glue remove function

Smoke exhaust function

Speed adjustment

On-line indentation


AC220V(110V)10% 50Hz/60Hz 2300W

AC220V(110V)10% 50Hz/60Hz 2300W

AC220V(110V)10% 50Hz/60Hz 2800W

AC220V(110V)10% 50Hz/60Hz 2900W

Machine size





Net weight





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